Your Mind is Mine

India’s First Mystery Entertainment

Your Mind is Mine transports audiences into the startling world of mind reading, suggestion and psychological illusion.

This theatrical experience challenges audiences to take a closer look at the myths and beliefs that guide their lives.

Upcoming Shows - Mumbai

Location: National College, Bandra
Dates: 22nd and 23rd February, 2020
29th February and 1st March, 2020
7th and 8th March, 2020
14th and 15th March, 2020
Time: 7:30 pm onwards

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What people are saying

ugesh sarcar your mind is mine mystery entertainment

“Ugesh is un-freaking believable. What he did is something beyond what we call is magic. Rightly said, he’s not a magician, he’s a Mystician.”

“It was surreal, in one word, it was absolutely surreal. Thanks, it was brilliant!”

“I can’t believe what is happening! He is a genius, genius to the next level!”

“I cannot believe it! I just cannot believe it!”

“Very amazing, very new concept.”

“It was beyond expectations. Too good! Worth watching.”

“It’s a revolution in the field of magic.”

“It’s a show worth watching”

“We were really baffled. Very nice.”

“Mentally shocking!”

“Yeah, I thought it was a pretty good performance. It was really good,in terms of some of the things that he did some of the tricks that he did. Excellent.”

“It was an incredible performance! I am always very reluctant about these shows, and it was magical. It blew my mind completely.”

“Honestly. Blew my mind completely. Well, if you guys are going to see this guy, it’s amazing and enjoy the show. It’s definitely worth a watch.”

“Trust me, all I know is, he was amazing! I’ve never seen something like this. It was something really new to us and it is very nice for us to be experiencing him.”

“As a performer, he’s really entertaining, and he always make sure he indulges with a lot of crowd around him so that people don’t get bored easily.”

“I really liked Ugesh Sarcar’s performance. I’ve been following his shows for quite a long time and he’s actually a good mind reader. Like, India never had any.”

“He is totally invincible. Mr. Sarcar was amazing.”

A bit bamboozling. Probably gonna have to think about that for a while as we couldn’t really figure out what he was doing. Really enjoyed it and hope to see him again soon.

ugesh sarcar your mind is mine psychic mind reader

Upcoming Shows - Mumbai

Thank you Mumbai for all your love on the 20th of August, 2017 at IES Manik Sabhgriha, Bandra. You braved the rain and made both the shows a roaring success!
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