Exploring the Unseen with Ugesh Sarcar

Are you able to look into the future?

Heal yourself with just a thought?

What about astral travel?

Are you able to sense the emotions of others around you, even when you don’t know them?

Do you get a feeling in your gut when something bad is about to happen?

Do you sense spirits?

Move objects with your mind?

If not, have you ever wondered, why? This has nothing to do with science fiction but actual reality.

In the past, we were very much capable of all this and more. Today scientists have proven this phenomenon of our “super” human capabilities.

Why have we forgotten our own powers and where has it brought us?
To this world today, where everything is in excess and there is still not enough to satisfy even one of us!

The popular belief that we are in the best of times in the history of the Earth is about to proven wrong.

In ancient times, people were far more advanced as humans than we are today. They may not have had the cool gadgets and all the other technological marvels of today’s society, but they were all superior explorers, scientists, voyagers, and so on.

They were their own gadgets exercising their abilities.


Without the excessive distractions that our society offers today, they were more aware of their human existence and their place in the universe. Whether it was the circumference, the age of our planet, our solar system, even our universe, about spirits, healing and so much more.

We have lost thousands of years of wisdom to the hands of some ego-driven individuals, who destroyed countless libraries (like the Alexandria library ) in a fit of rage!

At our session, Exploring the Unseen, conducted through renowned Mystician, Prof. Ugesh Sarcar , we are exploring the ability to discover, learn and share the wisdom of the ages.

We all have psychic abilities, but unfortunately for the most of us, they are lying dormant, untapped.

The workshop is designed for its participants to instantly experience various phenomenon and also gain an elementary understanding of the different levels of our mind and its capabilities. The experiences learnt can be immediately put to benefit you on a daily basis. You will begin your understanding of energy, learn how you can access the limitless energy for healing, discover devices that you can use to instantly energise yourself, and much more.

We are on a quest to discover like minded individuals with enhanced psychic abilities, to work with them, document these psychic phenomenon with a scientific approach and be able to produce these phenomenon on demand, with purpose.

Come explore your powers