The Journey Of Ugesh Sarcar

“Anything that defies logic, is magic.”Prof. Ugesh Sarcar

The Making of The Emperor of Magic

Born and raised in a family of magic, Ugesh was used to seeing his dad in the limelight. Prof. M.C. Sarcar, a pioneer in his own right, played a huge part in his son’s choice to pursue a career in magic. Show business is in Ugesh’s blood, his career starting with being an assistant at his dad’s shows since childhood.

One day, as Prof. M. C. Sarcar’s show was winding up, a friend and minister has this conversation with young, eight year old, Ugesh;

Minister: “So, beta, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Ugesh: “I will be the next biggest name in magic!”

To think, this eight year old boy had the courage and audacity to throw out an open challenge, which may have been laughed off at the time, but we all learned better!

How many things have we wanted to be when we were kids? Some of us said, “I’m going to be a pilot.” while some said, “I’m going to be an astronaut.” and some of us had no clue what we wanted to be. This holds true for most of us today.

Yet there are those who actually dream the dream and make it happen. Ugesh Sarcar is one of them.

He stuck by his eight year old challenge and worked at mastering human psychology for a period of fifteen long years. Whilst many take the route of colleges and degrees and even PhDs to learn psychology, Ugesh took a unique approach.

His attitude has been the same since the beginning. In his words, “If you’re going to do something, you better make sure you’re the best.”

Ugesh explored the human mind in the every day lives of people. He worked in various fields, such as marketing, selling, memory enhancement, medical transcription, call centre and more. Having studied in a simple Montessori school, he claims his English was terrible, until he embarrassed himself in front of a girl and challenged himself right there to speak good English going forward.

Excellence is Ugesh’s another trait. Whilst many of us grow comfortable in a steady, well paying job, even though we may have started it with the thought of being ‘temporary’, Ugesh would take up a job, rise quickly to the top and quit when he had learned all he was seeking to. He would then take up another job in another field, and repeat the process. All this was to understand how people from different socio-economic backgrounds, cultures, mindsets, etc. would react and respond when faced with problems or opportunities.

Once he was satisfied with his mastery of the human mind, he dedicated himself to the art of magic. He spent close to eighteen hours a day for almost three years closeted in his house, perfecting every nuance of the art.

Equipped with his mastery of the human mind, various skills in his toolbox and perfected the art of magic, Ugesh was ready to reveal himself to the world. He knew that the art of magic was dying in India and he wanted to bring it back with a bang.

The quickest way to reach the masses, as Ugesh figured, was through television. After making his pilot video, he began his search for the best channel.

At one of his meetings with a channel, which happened to be just close by the All India Magic Academy founded by his dad. There, he was offered a menial sum of Rs. 2000 per episode.

Now, let’s remember that Ugesh is a person who likes to win. At this juncture, most common magicians would have leaped at the opportunity. Especially those who had never performed a show before. This was proof that magic as an art was no longer respected by the people in our country, including the magicians who had become desperate enough to take what they got. Not our Ugesh. He shunned their offer because he believed that magic was worth much more and even banned them from entering the Academy!

After many more meeting, his last was with UTV Bindaas which held better prospects and finally the world was introduced to India’s First and Ultimate Street Magician, Ugesh Sarcar, through his super hit television show, Ugesh Sarcar’s 3rd Degree. The show ran for over four years, covering two seasons and a whooping one hundred and forty eight episodes. This show was the longest running show of magic on television and was later sold to Netflix, where it reached an international audience.

This surely proves that when you dare, you will surely win.

Ugesh had by now achieved his first step; reintroduce the world to the amazing King of Arts, Magic.

The next step was to explore the various opportunities the world was laying at his feet. His passion to create history, enabled him to successfully integrate magic with various industries.

He was the first magician to integrate magic with a product, with Parle in their new product, Parle Full toss.

He was the first person to integrate technology and magic in one of the commercials. Click here to view.

This advertising revolution spread and many more companies took up Ugesh’s unique services to integrate magic with their product launches.

Bollywood now wanted a taste of magic. Ugesh trained Shah Rukh Khan in the art of flourishes for the title song of the superhit blockbuster movie, Don 2. Next up was integrating magical illusions and training an actor in the art of being a magician. This he did in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s superhit movie starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachan, Guzaarish. Ugesh was the Technical Director for Magic, where he designed and executed all the magical acts seen and loved in the movie. He also trained Hrithik in the carriage and demeanour of a magician.

Soon after his television show came to an end, he appeared on the much loved celebrity reality show, Jhalak Dikh Laa Jaa, where he created history once more by becoming the first magician to integrate magic and dance with lyrics.

He wasn’t done yet.

Always having been passionate about adding value to society, he started a social project called I Am Possible Magic where he took on two differently abled individuals who came with lots of personal baggage, little or no knowledge of English, very poor backgrounds and no knowledge of magic. In a span of four months, he trained them into putting up a live magic show, in English, in front of an international audience.

His vision was clear; “No matter where you put them in the world, they should not only be able to survive, but thrive.”

Ugesh Sarcar is the first magician to bring the art form of Mentalism on commercial stage with his super hit live shows, An Evening of Coincidences and now Your Mind is Mine. His shows have travelled nationally and internationally, each time leaving a thrilled audience and receiving standing ovations.

The history of magic shows us it’s origins in Egypt, from where it came to India and flourished till the early 90s, when it became a dying art. After that it was taken up by the West and has now become a multi-billion dollar industry there.

Magicians in India were barely making enough to sustain their households. The respect and reverence of the art and of the artist had been lost in transition. Many so-called magicians began taking advantage of the lack of exposure, extorting people with their untrained gimmicks and tarnishing the art. Copycats, crab like behaviour had become the norm and soon the art would be dead.

Ugesh’s aim, from the very beginning, was to bring back this dynamic art form in India, increasing the standard of living for all the magicians throughout the country and putting integrity into it once more.

His first step was to show the masses that magic is still in trend with his television show. The next is to popularise the modern art of Mentalism through his live shows.

Through his company, Mystician’s Entertainment Private Limited he aims to bring order to the globally chaotic and fragmented industry of magic by creating the world’s first Empire of Magic.

Ugesh has much more to offer the world folks, so hold on to your seats and keep your eyes peeled for the next historical news coming your way from the Emperor of Magic, Ugesh Sarcar!

“If you want to be the best, then your dream must be bigger than your excuses.”Prof. Ugesh Sarcar

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