The Journey Of Ugesh Sarcar

“Anything that defies logic, is magic.”Prof. Ugesh Sarcar

The Making of The Emperor of Magic

The history of magic shows us it’s origins in Egypt, from where it came to India and flourished till the early 90s, when it became a dying art. After that it was taken up by the West and has now become a multi-billion dollar industry there.

Magicians in India were barely making enough to sustain their households. The respect and reverence of the art and of the artist had been lost in transition. Many so-called magicians began taking advantage of the lack of exposure, extorting people with their untrained gimmicks and tarnishing the art. Copycats, crab like behaviour had become the norm and soon the art would be dead.

Ugesh’s aim, from the very beginning, was to bring back this dynamic art form in India, increasing the standard of living for all the magicians throughout the country and putting integrity into it once more.

His first step was to show the masses that magic is still in trend with his television show. The next is to popularise the modern art of Mentalism through his live shows.

Through his company, Mystician’s Entertainment Private Limited he aims to bring order to the globally chaotic and fragmented industry of magic by creating the world’s first Empire of Magic.

Ugesh has much more to offer the world folks, so hold on to your seats and keep your eyes peeled for the next historical news coming your way from the Emperor of Magic, Ugesh Sarcar!

“If you want to be the best, then your dream must be bigger than your excuses.”Prof. Ugesh Sarcar

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